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Naturopathic solutions for endometriosis, Fibroids, PCOS, PMS, irregular cycles, vaginal infections and vulvodynia.

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Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional deficiency can cause or contribute to a wide variety of health issues. Nutritional status can be assessed with blood work, specialized urine and blood tests and diet analysis.

IBS/SIBO Testing

We offer breath testing for small intestinal overgrowth, digestive and microbiome assement. Food allergy and intolerance testing may be utilized as well.

Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Lab testing for food allergy and food sensitivities is available. Dr. Louden routinely helps her patients identify food intolerance with the “gold standard” diagnostic, the elimination diet. Our popular detox program includes this valuable assessment.

Preconception Care

We offer programs for couples planning on having children. We teach how to take steps in diet and lifestyle to promote healthy babies. Optimizing nutrition, building a healthy microbiome and reducing toxin exposure can be beneficial to both parents and baby.

Heart Disease Prevention Programs

We individualize programs to help patients reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease. Using metrics such as body weight, body fat percentage and heart rate variability we help patients track progress.

Natural Mental Health Services

Mental health concerns — such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and OCD — can be treated using an integrative approach. Individualized approach is key and may include nutritional assessment, testing nutrigenomics, inflammatory markers, gastrointestinal labs, and herbal medicine approaches. Stress management and meditation techniques can also be helpful tools.

Nutritional Genomics

Your genes can provide insight to how nutrition may help play a role in your health. Utilizing software we can look at your 23 & me results, your current health symptoms and some lab data to identify the potential contribution of your genetic makeup. From there we can identify the nutritional supplements that will be of high value for you.

Detox Programs

Offered several times a year our popular detox program walks participants through the lifestyle and diet changes that can help restore optimal health. Participants will learn if they have any food intolerance, they will learn how to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals, and how to help their body eliminate toxins. A short theraputic fast is incorporated in this program.

Therapeutic Fasting

Fasting has been a cornerstone of naturopathic treatment for decades. Recent research is being conducted on potential benefits of fasting for autoimmune disease, cancer and anti aging. Dr. Louden helps her patients utilize this powerful tool in a safe and approachable way.


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